PSN Leadership

Michael Alabran


Mike has been intricately involved in all areas of PSN since its early years. In 2006, Mike officially joined PSN to take the business to the next level. He has been spearheading the strategic development and direction ever since. Under his leadership, PSN has become a full-service engineering firm, providing services to hundreds of companies from one-man shops to Fortune 500 companies. In May of 2015, ownership changed hands officially from Dr. Koch to Mike. As President of the organization, Mike is significantly involved in high level engineering projects, while leading the strategic direction of PSN.

Matthew Heidecker, PhD


Matt joined PSN in 2017, bringing years of experience in the oil and gas industry and a strong background in material science to the table. His primary areas of expertise are in the realm of material characterization and development, chemical compatibility of polymers and elastomers, and ageing/life prediction of non-metallic materials. Matt is one of the principal engineers on many product development programs and serves as an expert witness for legal cases involving product failure. He also assists in the strategic planning and development of the programs run at PSN.

James Pike, PhD


Jim has worked alongside PSN for many years through his own business, Eriez Technologies, Inc. He and his team specialized in product design and analysis, engineering processes, digital prototyping, and testing services. In the summer of 2017, Eriez Technologies merged into PSN to increase the depth and breathe of capabilities within PSN. Jim is one of our principal engineers and brings 40 years of engineering experience to PSN.

Paul Koch, PhD

Dr. Koch created PSN in the 1990s and is still on staff as a Principal Researcher. Paul has been actively involved in the plastics industry from all angles for decades. He is highly regarded in the plastics community for his contributions over the years. He is currently very active in the legal community, serving as an expert witness for cases involving product failure, patent infringement, and trade secrets.

Tera Alabran


Tera set up and managed employee benefits for PSN externally for several years. She became more involved in the organization as it transitioned from Dr. Koch to Michael in 2015, before officially joining the team at the end of 2015 to manage the business operations of the organization. Tera brings an experienced background in economics, marketing, and strategic planning to PSN.